Video Production Melbourne

I produce & direct the gamut of screen content.

The formula is simple. Hire the best talent the project can afford in all departments who have history, a work ethic, and joy in their hearts…  unite around a clear vision and get out of their way.

In partnership with agencies, brands, and production companies we take measured risks and deliver the brief to budget. 

My mission is to shepherd your brief & concept through the entire production process

Brian Cohen

Producer | Director


Screen Content Producer & Director

“Creating content that makes your hairs stand on end (or anything where the audience makes it to the end) requires a symbiosis of well-executed tasks & fortuitous accidents.

I manage the variables.”

More than 80% of my business is made up of return clients, so it’s never about one job. Loyalty is earned by exceeding expectations. My team & I work as if we are in-house & on-staff, in simpatico with your marketing aims.